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Hello. I am Gardening grandpa.
I am really interested in gardens full of Japanese beauty. They take my breath away. I went to Katsura Imperial Villa where I had been longing to visit for a long time the other day. I would like to share the pictures I took there and I made the internet site to introduce the palace to all of you and of course for my memory.

About Katsura Imperial Villa

It is located in the West of Katsura-River which is not close to the central part of Kyoto City. The total area is about 69,000㎡ including adjunct area, which is 1.5 times greater than that of Tokyo Dome. It is especially popular among the facilities such as Kyoto-Gosho(Old Imperial Palace), Kyoto-Taigu-Gosho(Kyoto Taigu Palace), Sento-Gosho(Sento Palace), Shugakuin Rikyu(Shugakuin Detached Palace)which are managed by Imperial Household Agency.

Katsura Imperial Villa

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