Can I take pictures in the palace?

Yes. However, you can't get out of line or go back to where you came from to take pictures. In the garden, 2 security guards other than your guide come along and watch visiters. Also, it is dangerous to take pictures on the bridge or on shaky ground.

When is the best season for the palace?

In my opinion, it is beautiful all year round. The garden is designed so you can enjoy the Japanese beauty whole year. However, the number of visiters depend on seasons. It can be a group of 10 people but when it is busy that can be more than 30 people. The reservation often becomes full in busy seasons.

Can I visit the palace by car?

You can park your car in the parking lot of the palace but there is few parking lots in Kyoto. Therefore you may want to use public transportation if you are going to see another places. It may be nice to use public transportations like trains or buses and go near the palace and walk around the city.

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