The history of Katsura Imperial Villa

Katsura Imperial Villa was a second home of Hachijo-no-miya family which was built by Hachijo-no-miya, Imperial Prince Tomohito. Having got the place in the beginning of 17c in Kyoto, he built the second home with his great literary and military arts. It was called "Katsurasan-so" or "Villa Katsurasan" at the time, and the kojoin was completed in 1615AD.

After Tomohito's death, Katsurayama-so had become rundown, and Tomotada Imperial Prince, his son welcomed a wife from Maeda family in the clan of Kaga and expanded finance to restore and enlarge Katsurasan-so. In 1662, he added Naka-shoin, Shin-goten, Tsukinami-zakura, Shokin-tei, Shoka-tei, Shoiken, which make today's Katsura Imperial Villa.

Until Meiji era, Hachijo-no-miya family changed their name to Kyogoku-no-miya and then to Katsura-no-miya. In 1881, their history as Katsura-no-miya ended when Imperial Princess, Sumiko died. Then in 1883, Katsurayama-so was placed under the Imperial Household Agency and changed name to "Katsura Imperial Villa".

Katsura Imperial Villa has never caught fire since its construction, which makes it possible for us to enjoy the garden just the same as the old times.

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