You go across on a cut stone and you will see the first teahouse, Shokin-Tei. I could not go up to it and I was just looking at it from around.

The sliding screen is all open and you can look in the tea room. As all of Japanese people know from historical drama on TV as Toyama-no Kin-san, the sliding screen with blue and white checher board design seems bright.

It goes without saying that you can enjoy tea in the room but also on the veranda outside. It must be very tasteful to have tea with the great view of the elegant Japanese garden. I would like to try it!

Teahouse of the highest class with thatched and half-hipped roof. The inside of the crawl-through doorway is an authentic tearoom where Sanjodaime(a kind of tatami used for a tearoom) is used and it has 8 windows which is Enshu Kobori's favorite. The appearance of Shokin-Tei looks different and it depends on where you look from, West, North or East. (according to the brochure which Imperial Household Agency published)

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