Sotetsuyama and Sotokoshikake

We go further and further on down the sideway to see the preparation for winter of Sotetsu and Sotokoshikake along with Kawaya.

A little furtherdown I came to the place where sotetsu grow gregariously. It is not so surprising for a person like me, who is engaged in gardening but for those who are not, like people with whom I was walking it was really surprising.

I took a picture of Sotetsuyama from the front.
I heard it would take a week for 4 professionals to complete it. Well if a person works on it for \20,000, then \80,000 for 4 people. As 5 days for a week, the whole work costs \400,000. It seems like a real money pit.

You can see Sotetsuyama from the rest room named "Sotokoshikake", which is put in front of Sotetsuyama. You cannot stop to take a rest or go back to the direction you came from but you can use it for a rest place, which is located next to kawaya.

They are a garden lantern and a basin. The basin was made in the image of double measure. Each of them are mossy and look very old.

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