The nut pine of Sumiyoshi and The Miyuki Gate

My guide came to see me in the waiting room ontime. He is a heavily built man and he stops at points to explain with gestures. He is one of the security guards, which may be why he is so well-built.

We came out of the waiting room and started toward the garden. I saw low nut pine in the back of the walkway. This nut pine is called "Sumiyoshi no Matsu" or "The nut pine of Sumiyoshi" which was put so visiters cannot see the inside of the garden. You place more expectations of the inside garden view awaiting for you.

This is The Miyuki Gate. You will go through it if you enter the palace through the front gate. It has thatched roof and it is sustained by natural unhusked log poles. It must be simple because it is a garden to enjoy Japanese traditional view with a Japanese teahouse. It is an entrance to Katsura Imperial Villa only for Imperial family, so we used the normal entranceway.

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