The entranceway

It was bamboo fence which I saw at the first when I parked my car at a parking lot at the front gate. Is it kind of my workrelated disease? Hehe. I often make bamboo fences for my gardening work, and I find myself looking at them.

The fence made with bamboo grasses look just the same as normal fences. But with a closer look, I saw bamboo shaft... which means...a fence with living bamboo!

I took a picture of the bamboo fence in closeup.
So they make the shaft of bamboo bow to 45 degrees at an angle and swag the bamboo grass part to the ground so that it seems like a fence. It is like willow, isn't it? For your information, the fence is called "Katsura Rikyu Gaki" or "The fence of Katsura Imperial Villa".

It is the fence which is put between the parking lot and the palace. In temples and gardens in Kyoto, they have their original unique fences. The fence of Katsura Imperial Villa has elegance with history and patina.

This is a mossy tree in front of the front gate. The tree is empty inside but it lives like a thriver, which reminds me of the power of plants. They blossom beautifully living up to your expectation if you treat them carefully. This is one of the things the tree reminded me of about plants.

After you go through the gate, you need to go into the waiting room to show your entrance ticket. You will wait for your guide to come in the waiting room. You can watch the video introduction of the palace to make it for prep there.

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