We are in the final part of the walk in Katsura Imperial Villa. Let's go to the last building.

It is a stone path leads to Gepparou. It is such a luxury to walk slowly on the stone path in the spacious area. I was feelingly impressed.

It is Shokin-Tei seen over the lake from Gepparou. The elegant presence makes it stand out. It is the Japanese beauty.

It is the inside ceiling and it looks like a ship bottom. It gave me an odd feeling since it is a ceiling but actually is a ship bottom.

You can enjoy tea in Gepparou. There is a tea place to enjoy at the velanda.

A teaplace at the top of the pond near Old shoin, which has a wide dirt floor. It is located in the right place to look at the moon and it has an elegant name "Gepparou" or "Moonviewing and Cherry Blossom". (according to the brochure which Imperial Household Agency published)

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